78 Quotes of Scottie Pippen

” Basketball is a lifelong game. You continue to learn from the game day in and day out, and all along the way, you get better. “
” Don’t disrespect me, lie about it, and then come smile in my face and act like nothing’s wrong. “
” Basketball is such an escape from a lot of things. “
” I’ve never seen a player that can dominate a game the way LeBron James can. He don’t always have to score. He makes plays for other guys. But when the game is on the line, and you need a shot to be made, he’s going to make that play. “
” I may go so far as saying LeBron James may be the greatest player to ever play the game. Because he is so potent offensively that not only can he score at will, but he keeps everybody involved. “
” It’s not easy to win 60 games in the NBA. “
” Chemistry is a very important element for any team that wants to be serious about winning. “
” Everything was a lesson learned and a step forward for me. “
” You’ve got to have a commitment to your craft. “
” As a player, NBA All-Star Weekend contains a lot of joy and a lot of excitement. Even with all the hype built into the game, it’s really a special honor to be selected among many great players. “
” Fatherhood is great. “
” There’s nothing like the camaraderie of being around the other players. “
” It’s not always about getting better on the basketball court. This game teaches you how to become a better person as well. It pushes you into the team concept. “
” I wouldn’t give Charles Barkley an apology at gunpoint. He can never expect an apology from me… If anything, he owes me an apology for coming to play with his sorry, fat butt. “
” No guy on the basketball court is a threat to score with LeBron James out there. Not only will LeBron dominate from the offensive end as well, but he’s also doing it on the defensive end, which really makes him the complete package. “
” As a player, you experience so many different moments, but you never truly sit back and reflect on them. You enjoy them, but with the championships, we were so busy celebrating with everyone that we didn’t really realize what we had accomplished as individuals and as a team. “
” I’m a guy who is easy to get along with, and I’ll put up with a lot of things. But not dishonesty. “
” It was truly an enjoyable moment in my life that I will never forget having the opportunity to play for two gold medals. But I think nothing sticks out more than winning a championship in 1991 for me. “
” He lifted weights, he rode the bike; he kept himself going before and after games, as well as practices. He always kept himself in top shape and was very determined. You put a relentless Dennis Rodman out on the basketball court, and you better have someone there to match his energy. If you don’t, it’s going to be a long night. “
” Every team deals with obstacles throughout the course of the season, and it’s as a unit that they need to be worked through. Injuries are part of the game, just like facing tough teams on the road or having one of your best players get into foul trouble. “
” Michael Jordan is probably the greatest scorer to play the game. “
” Each season was different and presented its own set of circumstances and challenges. “
” Sometimes as a player, you’re not there yet. The doctor can tell you the headache is gone, but he don’t totally know that it is gone unless he can get in your head. “
” The All-Star Game was one of my top highlights as a player. In my eye, it gave me a good idea of where I ranked among my peers. That was always my benchmark to say that I am still in the upper echelon of players. “
” At the point when I lost my father, it really made me want to be like a father and be like my father. It was a real turning point for me because it helped me mature – it made me think about being responsible because I wasn’t the only one I had to think about. “
” I always dreamed of playing the NBA, but along the way, the road got a little cloudy. “
” I take a lot of pride in my first ’92 gold medal. “
” I want to thank the NBA and U.S.A. Basketball. Words can’t describe my feeling. I was a small town kid from Hamburg, Arkansas, and you provided me a platform to live out my passion, the game of basketball, on the world’s grandest stage. “
” Some guys get into the NBA, get the big money, and are satisfied with themselves. “
” No matter how well you do in the regular season, it has to be capped off with a championship to really mark your legacy in the game. “
” Chicago’s where I started my career. I’ve had a lot of success playing here. “
” You look back at the ’95 season, and a lot of those guys were getting mega minutes. Michael Jordan was out playing baseball. We were still winning, won 55 games I think, so those guys were all very content and happy with the way that things were going that year. “
” I spend a lot of time at home with my kids. “
” I went through ups and downs as a young player dealing with criticism and things of that nature. To finally win that first NBA championship, it was definitely a relief of a lot of pressure and frustration we dealt with as a team. It was great to bring a championship to the city of Chicago. “
” I was lucky to play with guys who were not only good players, but great people. “
” I never wanted to be Michael Jordan, although I would like to trade bank accounts. “
” You continue to compete against the very best every day, and you will get better, or you’ll be embarrassed. “
” When it’s late in a game and things are tough and you need a basket, someone has to step up. That player has to have the ability to create opportunities and draw fouls. “
” Statistics are one thing. But if you’re not putting up the numbers as far as winning, they’re not going to consider you for things like the MVP. “
” Yes, I think the ’96 Bulls are the greatest of all time. I think the 72-10 record speaks for itself and the fact that we were able to cap it off with a championship. What it boils down to is we had a dominant style, a dominant defense, and we were a very good offensive team. It was the way we dominated our opponents that separated ourselves. “
” As I look back, I have to say growing up was fun, not a problem at all. “
” There are a lot of people from my Central Arkansas days that I owe a lot of thanks to for how they helped me over the years. “
” Your job, what you do every day, I think it takes a high priority over anything. That was something I dedicated myself to throughout my career. “
” I’d probably say the championships mean more to me, but the gold medal makes you a bit different. It’s a special award. “
” I was LeBron James before LeBron James. “
” I’m no slouch, but when comparing LeBron’s game, I’m usually left out. “
” Being the youngest of twelve kids and having your underwear handed down teaches you how to share. “
” When I was four or five, I had an older brother who got paralyzed from the neck down in junior high school. Some kid did a wrestling fall on him and hit his spine. We had to take care of him. I went from being the baby to not really being the baby anymore. “
” I was way behind physically in high school. They had weight bars that were about forty-five pounds. I couldn’t handle them. Couldn’t even put the weights on. It was embarrassing. So I always figured out ways to avoid lifting when I was young. “
” Most of basketball is in the mind. But it helps to have big hands. “
” Coaching jobs are far and few between; you try and get into the right situation and take advantage of it from there. “
” Things for me really started to click right after my third year in the league. I sort of figured out that there were a few things that I needed to do if I wanted to get better – I needed to gain some more weight and add some strength. “
” Coaching jobs are far and few between; you try and get into the right situation and take advantage of it from there. “
” Things for me really started to click right after my third year in the league. I sort of figured out that there were a few things that I needed to do if I wanted to get better – I needed to gain some more weight and add some strength. “
” I’m a family man, and I couldn’t be happier. My wife and I have been blessed with an incredible family, and my kids are my life. “
” When you get some easy baskets, the basket definitely looks like it’s much larger. “
” I’m able to run and jump and do all the things I can do. I’m blessed. “
” I just like to be around family. “
” I worked at a place called Virco. They build school desks. “
” We grew up in a small house with four bedrooms. I shared a bedroom with three brothers. But I enjoy the way that I was brought up. It kept me hungry. It kept me humble. “
” It’s definitely tough to get up and walk away from something you have been a part of for so long. But it’s part of life. “
” It’s tough to lose and lose and lose and get a little closer, but you still lose. “
” As a player that has played this game, I know, at the end of the day I’ve had numerous amount of surgeries, and the doctors released me at numerous amount of times to go and play. But a lot of those times didn’t mean go and play against the best in the world right now, but to get yourself ready to compete again. “
” Fans are demanding. They want to win. They want it now. If you have an injury, they want you back the next day. “
” It had been a long journey for me just to get drafted. I had to work very hard as a collegiate player just to get recognized, being at a small school. “
” Defense was one thing I was really able to work at and get better. “
” I went to a small school, so I had to be a jack of all trades and master a few. “
” I’ve come a long way from my first commercials. “
” Everyone in my family was pretty tall, so we always thought I would get bigger. “
” I don’t really have any regrets. “
” I think I learned a lot from a lot of experiences that I dealt with over my career. “
” I’ll miss the competitive side and the camaraderie of being around the players and competing each and every day. “
” I thought the lanes opened up when Michael Jordan used to drive. I used to be like, ‘Wow.’ “
” I have been able to live my dream of playing basketball surrounded by people I love and being cheered on by the best fans in the world. “
” If I had an opportunity to hand-pick a team that I wanted to play in the NBA Finals, it would probably be the Lakers. “
” I’ve played basketball all of my life, and I’ve had things happen on the court that you eventually have to move on from. It’s part of some of the obstacles that you meet in trying to reach your pinnacle. “
” My mentality when guarding a point guard was always to try and disrupt him and take them out of the offense. “
” When I got the call to guard Magic, I knew that I could cause him a lot of problems. “