78 Political Quotes of Cyril Ramaphosa

” We must stop the division among us. We must stop factionalism. We must embrace unity; we must embrace working together, because if we are divided, we will not be able to win in 2019. “
” We cannot effect meaningful change if we become complacent, if we become comfortable with our own positions in the status quo. “
” If we are to put a stop to corruption and state capture, those responsible must be brought to book. “
” We have brave hearts and won’t retreat. We are not going back; we are going forward. “
” We must listen to the concerns of our people without dismissing them. When people see something wrong, there is something wrong. When our people see corruption, it means there is corruption. When our people see that their resources are being stolen by certain people, it means this is happening, and we should listen. “
” We remain a highly unequal society in which poverty and prosperity are still defined by race as well as gender. “
” We aim to restore our focus on building an economy in which all South Africans can flourish, an economy which benefits the people as a whole rather than a privileged few. “
” We will accelerate our land redistribution program not only to redress a grave historical injustice but also to bring more producers into the agricultural sector and to make more land available for cultivation. “
” We need to work together as social partners to focus on our economy by removing all the obstacles to investment and move South Africa to a higher level of growth. “
” South Africa must come first in everything we do. “
” We need to rid our State Owned Enterprises of corruption because the money being siphoned out should be funding them. “
” Violence against women and children resembles an epidemic. It has spread through society, sparing no social group or class. “
” We must acknowledge that there are factions in our movements‚Ķ We should not be telling lies to each other; we should tell the truth to each other with the view that there will be unity. “
” There is nothing wrong with students demanding free education, and, in fact, it is something that our children deserve. “
” We are determined to build a society defined by decency and integrity that does not tolerate the plunder of public resources nor the theft by corporate criminals of the hard-earned savings of ordinary people. “
” We have realized that corruption is rife, and we are going to address it. We are going to root out corruption, and that is a promise I can make. “
” We are building a country where a person’s prospects are determined by their own initiative and hard work and not by the color of their skin, place of birth, gender, language, or income of their parents. “
” We’ve got to be moving together, working together, leading the country together, and ensuring that we achieve the objectives that our alliance has set out for itself. “
” We need to transform our rural areas, restore the land to its rightful owners, and significantly grow our agricultural output. “
” Tough decisions have to be made to close our fiscal gap, stabilise our debt, and restore our state-owned enterprises to health. “
” We must again carry the burden of our people and shoulder our commitment to leading them to the promised land. “
” My campaign to become leader of the ANC was pivoted on two things: Renewing the ANC and taking back to the values the were espoused and subscribed to by Nelson Mandela, Oliver Thambo, and many other leaders. “
” The ANC must ensure that South Africa does not become a mafia state because once you reach that state, all the wheels have come off. “
” During the worst days of apartheid, we turned to the church for hope and courage as we fought a righteous struggle for a democratic, non-racial, non-sexist, just, and prosperous South Africa. “
” To get education to sink deep into the minds of a nation takes a generation and more. “
” Free education for all – whilst it is a desirable notion, in South Africa it will simply not be affordable. “
” In working to end violence against women and children, we need to ensure that men are centrally involved. Men need to organise themselves in a sustained campaign against gender-based violence. “
” Somewhere in the depths of my soul is the connection my father had with his cattle, the hills of Khalavha, and his people. “
” We must investigate without fear or favour the so-called ‘accounting irregularities’ that cause turmoil in the markets and wipe billions off the investments of ordinary South Africans. “
” Land has been an issue of great concern to our people. “
” Corruption in state-owned enterprises and other public institutions has undermined our government’s programs to address poverty and unemployment. “
” We must be humble and listen to the people who elected us to lead. “
” We can make this country the garden of Eden. “
” People must respect our movement. “
” Because of their marginalised position in the economy, the mass of the workers carry the burdens of society. “
” The expropriation of land without compensation should be among the mechanisms available to government to give effect to land reform and redistribution. “
” I will try to work very hard not to disappoint the people of South Africa. “
” In defence of Madiba’s legacy, we will continue to wage a relentless war on corruption and mismanagement of the resources of our country. “
” We have all the good policies, all right visions, but the problem is implementation. When we come out of national conference, we want those leaders we have chosen to be those who can implement policies. “
” We want young people to come forward with bright ideas; we want the women and men in our country to have jobs. “
” Students want free education because their parents are struggling. The fees of universities and technikons are too high. “
” If you read the Freedom Charter carefully, you will find that – the clause that refers to education, and it says education must be free ‘on merit.’ “
” The expropriation of land without compensation is envisaged as one of the measures that we will use to accelerate redistribution of land to black South Africans. “
” Leaders are meant to lead from the front, but at the same time, they are also meant to listen to what their followers are saying. “
” Young people must feel that they can be real actors in our economy and be creative and be imaginative and be innovative. “
” No man is born believing that he has dominion over women. Instead, this view is handed down from generation to generation and amplified through social custom, culture, and popular media. “
” We should draw deep into Madiba’s wisdom. We should draw deep into Madiba’s style of doing things in an orderly manner, in a purposeful manner, in a way where we focus. “
” Everyone has to be receptive to the decisions of the ANC because that is the political center. You have got to accept the decisions, and you also have to accept the direction that you are given by the ANC. “
” The country is yearning to put behind all these horrible things that have to do with corruption, state capture, behind us. The sooner these are all done, the better, because we want to move on; we want to move on to a better life. “
” Things such as corruption is a big thing in the ANC. “
” We want to renew our vows with our people. We want to reconnect with our people. We want to get our people excited again. “
” Land is a very broad as well as a complex issue, and it has to be handled very delicately because around land, there is quite a lot of emotion. “
” Marikana is a huge wake-up call. “
” Apartheid was baked hard in the mining industry because that’s where it originated. “
” We are determined that expropriation without compensation should be implemented in a way that increases agricultural production, improves food security, and ensure that land is returned to those from who it was taken under colonialism and apartheid. “
” I have not committed any crimes. I have not stolen any money. I have not looted state resources. “
” To those who have being stealing government money, it has to come to an end. “
” Climate change is a reality. “
” Nobody, no family, is above the law. “
” As members of the executive, we are accountable to Parliament. “
” It is not the function of the leader of government business to discipline members of the executive. “
” I believe that our economy is not a one- or two-percent growth economy; I believe it can grow at four percent, and we can revitalize our economy if we do the right things. “
” All our policies must be measured by the extent to which they contribute to job creation. Policies that do not create jobs – or that threaten jobs – must be reviewed and revised. “
” South Africa has not turned its back on human rights at all. “
” We are a nation that does not build walls. We do not believe in building walls. And that defines who we are. We are South Africans, and we do not subscribe to the building of walls. “
” We say South Africa is an open country, and when people come here, we must deal with them with dignity and respect within the parameters of our Constitution. “
” When courts rule in our country, we have them as the final arbiter on matters in which we might not agree on. And that is an important pillar of our democracy. “
” Whenever you go through the length and breadth of our country‚Ķ you see a long face: you will see the long face of an African woman because she’s black, because she’s poor. “
” As the ANC, we have got to condemn violence as a method of addressing our differences and disputes amongst us. “
” We are determined to rebuild the confidence of our people in public institutions and restore the credibility of those elected to serve them. “
” Some say the Constitution has robbed us of a proper land redistribution process. Others would want to look at other clauses. Well, it’s South Africa. Everything is transparent and open for debate. “
” We have to have a good look at the Constitution. Let’s determine where the shortcomings are. Then we can start talking of clauses. “
” We need to remind ourselves of the kind of society of which we have dreamed for so long, for which we have fought, and for which so many lost their lives. “
” We need to make sure that the ANC branches are strong, that they can lead the communities we live in. “
” You can never have unity if you want things to go your way. “
” If we are not honest, we are not going to be able to forge unity. “
” We have to build further on the collaboration with business and labor to restore confidence and prevent an investment downgrade. “
” We must not have an economy that discourages and chases away investors from investing in South Africa. “