52 Political Quotes of Milo Yiannopoulos

” Abortion is wrong. I think everyone knows that, which is why abortion activists are so angry all the time. It’s a bit like when you catch someone out in a lie, and they get really mad at you really quickly, and you can’t work out why until later. It’s guilt. “
” Shallow emotions. An incapacity to feel genuine love. A need for stimulation. Frequent verbal outbursts. Poor behavioural controls. These are just some of the things that social media are encouraging in all of us. They’re also a pretty comprehensive diagnostic checklist for sociopathy – in fact, that’s where I got the list. “
” I have ridiculously bad eyesight, but I have learned to live with an impressionistic view. Life is a Monet painting. I wander around enjoying myopia. “
” You should always take what I say about religion with a grain of salt, because the 7 deadly sins are more like my seven daily activities. I try to check them all off at least once a day. All of them except gluttony; my trainer keeps that under control. “
” Feminism is cancer. “
” Behind every racist joke is a scientific fact. “
” One of the remarkable things about Donald Trump is that he didn’t just beat the Progressive establishment – he also beat the Conservative establishment. Two political tribes that dominated Washington for half a century were defeated in the space of one election campaign. “
” I care about facts. I don’t care about your feelings. “
” I have never been offended. I don’t know what it means. It’s not that I disagree with it. I don’t understand it. I’ve never had that feeling. I don’t let feelings control my life. I’m more disciplined than other people. “
” Some day, when I’m done triggering special snow flakes on campus, when I’m tired of all this, I might quite like a little Milo. “
” People assume because I have a very thick skin that I don’t have feelings. I don’t, for the most part. But occasionally, I’m capable of great acts of charity. I tend to do it quietly. “
” The white working class desires safety for their families, but Islam brings everything but safety. Look at Europe! “
” I want to crack jokes about people. That is my right. “
” The Republican party has become as hostile towards its own base as the Liberals have always been. “
” Every voice on the Left bleated about how they feared protests and riots by angry Donald Trump supporters if and when he lost the election, yet it is the Leftists themselves destroying property and blocking roads. Everyone can see where the hate is coming from. Everyone. “
” Black Lives Matter is the culmination of racial divide. They’re nothing more than the last socially acceptable hate group in America. “
” I delight in offending people. I think the grievance brigade, victimhood, the idea that hurt feelings are some kind of special currency – I think that needs to come to an end. “
” Of all the threats to free speech in history, the one the media give the most credibility to without question is the feminist movement, which is trying to rebrand public debate as harassment. “
” Cyberbullying isn’t real. But bullying and harassment certainly are real. Trust me, friends, I went to school in England. They’ve got bullying down to a fine art. I know, because I was one of its chief architects. I was awful to my fellow schoolboys. “
” Men and women are different: we have different tendencies, skills, and behaviors. This should be accepted and fostered, not demonized. Because the end result is simply more effeminate men and more masculine women. Who wants that? “
” Let’s be clear: no one is forced into hazing. If you don’t want to be hazed, don’t join a fraternity. “
” Leftists wage the war on Christmas using their traditional methods – government fiat and the court system. They never win voting, and they certainly don’t win in the free market, so they bravely fight their battles through big government. “
” What Trump means for us is that we’ve won the first battle. At a minimum, he’s a necessary course correction from the excesses of the social justice Left. At most, he’s the saviour of the First and Second Amendments, protector of the Supreme Court, and champion of the little guy. In other words, just what America needed. “
” Back before our civilization despised itself, we applauded tough men. But you can’t produce tough men – or honorable women – without tough love. If you want to keep civilization, you better start by insisting that boys grow up, instead of trying to infantilize them so they’re afraid to stop sucking their thumbs. “
” Muslims know that Islam clashes with Western Civilization. They make no bones about choosing Islam over their new home country, like the Syrians in Germany, or the Somali at Ohio State University. They are very open and honest on polls, because they know they have nothing to fear from the governments that welcomed them with open arms. “
” Political correctness never rears its ugly head independently. It always shows up as a series of actions designed, to this observer, to crush the souls of those blessed with common sense. “
” Got freedom? Thank a man, or rather, thank all the men willing to die so the rest of us can go fetal in our safe spaces if somebody hurts our feelings. “
” Cal Poly is my kind of school. So many universities I visit boast about boring alumni like pioneering surgeons and Olympic athletes. But Cal Poly has none other than Weird Al Yankovic! “
” It is easy for Americans to forget a simple fact that is very clear to the people around the world that yearn to live in this country: America is the best country in the entire damn world! It deserves to be made great again, because America is, in the words of President Ronald Reagan, ‘the last best hope of mankind.’ “
” The alt-right for me is primarily a cultural reaction to the nannying and language policing and authoritarianism of the progressive left – the stranglehold that it has on culture. “
” One of the favorite things I’ve learned about Michigan State is that they set up a ‘Women’s course’ in 1896. It sounds like the first gender studies department! But when I looked into it, they taught women home economics, liberal arts, and science. So the women’s course was actually a useful degree! It actually teaches something productive! “
” Black Lives Matter is the ultimate divisive movement. They aren’t shy about what they don’t like, which is western civilization, capitalism, and the rule of law. They really dislike the police, and certainly get the credit for the war between black men and police. “
” Democrats don’t understand what is wrong in the black community or how to fix it. If they do, they don’t care. “
” Just telling the facts are no longer enough. You now have to be persuasive, charismatic, interesting, and funny. Just telling people things isn’t enough anymore. “
” In their rush to placate everyone and offend no one – and in particular to pander to Islam – the Left wants to shut down Christianity. “
” Besides Christianity and specifically Catholicism being wonderful, Christmas is intrinsic to American culture and worth defending. Think of what happens at Christmas time. People play Mariah Carey Christmas songsā€¦ What else do you need in life? “
” The alt-right believes that Western culture is currently imperiled and that the elites on both sides of the political divide are not doing enough to protect it. In that analysis, I think they’re right. “
” The only person really at risk at any of my talks is me. “
” The state of Michigan going to Trump was an amazing thing. Of course the fake news media was shocked; they never considered that white working class residents of Michigan may not like being called evil racists clinging to guns and Bibles. “
” ‘White supremacist’ and ‘white nationalist’ aren’t like ‘meanypants’ – you can’t just attach them to people you don’t like without any thought to the consequences. The progressive Left has done it to ordinary Americans for decades. The result? President Trump. “
” I’ve come around to thinking that having Donald Trump in the White House would be wonderful. Even if he isn’t able to achieve very much. Now, daddy’s gonna build the wall, daddy’s gonna fix trade. That’s going to happen. “
” Feminists are like the Borg from ‘Star Trek.’ They don’t know anything about other groups beyond the fact that they need to be assimilated into a hivemind that mindlessly follows the orders of a Queen. “
” In modern society, there are fewer and fewer opportunities for men to be men. For masculinity to flourish in all its glory. For daring and risk-taking to live free, or at least relatively free. Fraternities are one of those places. They deserve to be protected. “
” It’s not okay to lie about people and particularly not okay to hurl the worst imaginable names at people just because you think you might not like their politics. “
” Trump might become deeply unpopular in the way that I, with some people, am deeply unpopular, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t get things done. You can be unpopular and successful. “
” You see, feminists don’t really like to define the Patriarchy. They prefer to keep it nebulous and amorphous so they can conveniently blame it for everything that goes wrong in their lives. Not being paid enough? Patriarchy! Not getting a promotion? Patriarchy! Too many catcalls? Patriarchy! Too few catcalls? Patriarchy! “
” To be honest, I’m shocked the University of Washington’s sports teams are called the Huskies. Why haven’t the Leftists that run this entire state demanded they be renamed the ‘Athletes of Size’ so as to not fat shame anyone? “
” On campuses, where Liberal softies still rule with an iron fist, feminism is as safe as a city with no women drivers. That is the only thing I support about Saudi Arabia, by the way. “
” Trump is going to drain the swamp; he’s going to get back control of America’s borders, and if the establishment try and stand in his way, they’ll go the way of the Clintons and the Bushes. Stumped. “
” I love myself. I am the best person I know. “
” Hillary herself has said that before it was called Obamacare, it was called Hillarycare. She probably isn’t so happy with that comparison now, is she? “
” I’m not in the business of being ‘friendly.’ First and foremost, I’m a journalist. My business is the truth. Now, I happen to be other things, too – a pop-culture phenomenon, the most in-demand speaker on the campus lecture circuit, whatever. But I believe in facts. “