52 Political Quotes of Ben Rhodes

” All over the world, independent and strong civil society – NGOs, faith leaders, and other community advocates – help governments solve problems and better serve their people better by shining a light on the issues that matter most – like education standards, access to healthcare, the rule of law, and economic opportunity. “
” Active citizenship doesn’t just mean running for office or going into politics; it means starting organisations that promote change or solve a problem, pursuing social good with economic success. “
” In China, you just don’t have the space for civil society and independent discourse and free media that you do in India. That’s why India’s success is so important as the world’s largest democracy. “
” Laos is a deeply Buddhist country, and my visit included a traditional Tak Bat ceremony, in which you get up at sunrise and make offerings to Buddhist monks. “
” The Asia Pacific region within TPP encompasses nearly 40 percent of the world’s GDP. Shaping the rules of the road for trade in this region is good for our workers and businesses – and it is good for our national security as well. “
” We don’t have to kind of be in cycles of conflict if we can find other ways to resolve these issues. We can do things that challenge the conventional thinking that, you know, ‘AIPAC doesn’t like this,’ or ‘the Israeli government doesn’t like this,’ or ‘the Gulf countries don’t like it.’ It’s the possibility of improved relations with adversaries. “
” The complete lack of governance in huge swaths of the Middle East – that is the project of the American establishment. “
” I profoundly do not believe that the United States could make things better in Syria by being there. And we have an evidentiary record of what happens when we’re there – nearly a decade in Iraq. “
” With the 5-to-4 decision upholding Trump’s Muslim ban, arbitrary discrimination is now formal U.S. policy, celebrated by a president who campaigned on a ‘total ban’ of Muslims entering the United States. “
” In addition to deep divisions on issues such as trade, climate change, Middle East peace and nuclear weapons, Trump’s attacks on leaders such as Trudeau and Merkel and disrespect for NATO and other institutions are prompting a reassessment by allied governments and publics. “
” By heralding President Xi Jinping’s accession to permanent leadership, soliciting Vladimir Putin’s reentry into the Group of Seven, and declaring that Kim Jong Un is ‘beloved by his people,’ Trump legitimizes the very behavior that U.S. presidents opposed for decades. “
” Irrespective of our foreign policies, for decades, other nations and peoples could see, in the United States, a strong democracy that could maintain social cohesion, welcome immigrants of all backgrounds, and count on stable institutions. “
” Anthony Bourdain was the one who hooked me on Laos. “
” After the separation of children from families seeking to join the United States was embraced as the official policy of our government, we should ask ourselves what story we will tell. President Trump’s story is one of cruelty – that we may do something unfathomable to deter families from coming to America. “
” Downturns in migration almost always prove temporary, as people adjust to changes in American enforcement. What doesn’t change is the basic human impulse to pursue a better life in a place where they believe it’s still possible. “
” U.S. leadership has been rooted not just in our own belief in American exceptionalism but in the faith of others around the world. By so wantonly discarding that principle, the Trump Administration has done incredible harm to the families they have separated through the state-sponsored child abuse that has been carried out in our name. “
” Any country must establish control over its borders. That is essential to sovereignty and the security of our citizens. But America, at our best, has balanced that political, legal, and social objective with an appreciation for the benefits of immigration and a sense of respect for the dignity of all human beings. “
” In the course of a presidency, a U.S. president says millions of words in public. You never know which of them end up cementing a certain impression. “
” One of the most depressing things about President Donald Trump’s decision to roll back elements of the Cuba opening is how predictable it was. “
” While President Obama raised the hopes of Americans and Cubans alike with a forward-looking opening in diplomatic, commercial and people-to-people ties, President Trump is turning back the clock to a tragically failed Cold War mindset by reimposing restrictions on those activities. “
” Cuba has long played an outsized role in the world’s imagination. “
” To the developing world, Cuba has been a symbol of sovereignty and resistance and a supporter of revolution – for good or bad. From the Missile Crisis to the anti-apartheid movement, from the Kennedys to Obama era, this small island has put itself at the center of world events. “
” Americans will forever be proud of the brave men and women of our armed forces who served in World War II, and we will never forget those who paid the last full measure of devotion for our country. Their service protected our freedom and changed the course of history around the world. “
” Following one of the most violent conflicts in human history, the United States and Japan built a deep and abiding friendship – an alliance that has underwritten unprecedented economic growth and security in the Asia Pacific for half a century. It is an alliance based on mutual interests and shared values and the ties between our people. “
” Since taking office, President Obama has pursued a policy that focused more American resources and engagement in the Asia-Pacific, a region that will increasingly define opportunity and security in the 21st century. “
” Japan hosts more forward-deployed U.S. troops than any other country and serves as home port for our only forward-deployed aircraft carrier. In 2011, when a tsunami devastated Japan and created the disaster at the Fukushima nuclear facility, the United States stood shoulder-to-shoulder with our Japanese allies to respond and rebuild. “
” We’ve supported the development of Cuba’s private sector. This is a human rights issue – people should have the right to live with dignity and to control their livelihoods. “
” Our Cuba policy was a major obstacle to getting things done in the hemisphere and a source of tension around the world. “
” President Obama started in public life not as an elected official but as a community organizer. He worked with churches and other groups on the south side of Chicago to push public leaders to fight poverty, improve the local school system and make housing more affordable, and to bring about the change the community needed and deserved. “
” Where civil society thrives, governments operate with more transparency and accountability. This creates a tangible impact on the lives of everyday citizens. “
” Where civil society is welcomed, communities are more safe, more secure, and more prosperous. “
” A critical part of our relationship with Laos involves addressing the legacy of war. “
” In both Burma and Laos, we have engaged countries that were once adversaries, and will continue to do so in ways that promote good relations, development, and human rights. “
” No matter what people may think about American foreign policy, there is broad and overwhelming interest in engaging with the United States on issues related to entrepreneurship. People associate this promise with America, and that’s an extraordinary asset for our country. “
” If we’re going to play a role in shaping a future that is more secure, more prosperous, and more connected, we need to make sure that young people have the tools they need to succeed. “
” For many Americans, ‘Vietnam’ is a word associated with war and the extraordinarily complex history between our countries. But since normalization began, the U.S. and Vietnam have steadily built bonds of partnership, demonstrating that we can recognize history without being imprisoned by it. “
” President Obama has made the Asia Pacific region a focus of his foreign policy, and Vietnam – a large, growing economy in the heart of Southeast Asia – is critical to those efforts. “
” The TPP will be good for the American economy, the Vietnamese economy, and the labor and environmental standards that make life better for our people. “
” While the TPP – like any trade deal – is a subject of vigorous debate, its benefits are clear. The TPP will open markets and bring down barriers for American businesses in the world’s largest emerging market, creating jobs at home. “
” For more than fifty years, our policy towards Cuba was not making life better for Cubans. In many ways, it was making it worse. “
” To be sure, the United States will be eternally proud of our civilian leaders and the men and women of our armed forces who served in World War II for their sacrifice at a time of maximum peril to our country and our world. “
” We are proud of the role our military plays in Japan: defending our allies, ensuring regional peace and stability, and responding to humanitarian catastrophes. “
” America’s trade policy has an enormous impact on the economic well-being of the American people and the strategic interests of the United States. “
” There is no question that our security and prosperity will be increasingly tied to the Asia Pacific. If America doesn’t set the rules of the road for trade in this region, other nations will. “
” We have enormous interests in the Asia Pacific. In addition to our economy, we need to secure our allies, protect our environment, promote peace and stability, ensure the free-flow of commerce, and stand up for human rights. “
” The Catholic Church played an integral role in supporting the opening between the U.S. and Cuban governments. “
” Havana is a source of great pride to the Cuban people. “
” Jose Marti, known as ‘the Apostle of Cuban Independence,’ was an influential poet, journalist, and political theorist who became a symbol for the Cuban people’s bid for independence. The concepts of freedom, liberty, and self-determination feature prominently in his work. “
” Baseball is a great example of the cultural ties between the United States and Cuba and a powerful reminder of the shared experience between people that transcends our difficult history. “
” For more than fifty years, Americans and Cubans have been isolated from one another even though Cuba is only 90 miles away from Florida. “
” Faith leaders, young people, American companies, human rights advocates, and many others have demonstrated a unique interest in our Cuba policy. But no community cares more deeply about these issues than Cuban Americans – young and old – who have maintained a profound interest in Cuba and an abiding faith in the Cuban people. “
” Cuba is only 90 miles from Florida, but for a long time, the distance between our two countries seemed a lot greater. “